The Production Manager is responsible for overseeing the construction process for all jobs. They uphold the use of quality materials and procedures, adhering to budgets to complete tasks or purchase materials and reviewing contracts to make sure that current practices align with the owner’s expectations. They also ensure roofing and construction equipment and tools function properly and increase an organization’s efficiency.

Their duties include the following:

  • Perform tasks such as building production schedules, taking inventory, making supply orders, handling disputes among team members, and regularly assessing safety standards in all areas.
  • Motivating, supporting, and providing guidance to the construction crews
  • Ensuring all safety and health standards are met to keep the company accident-free
  • Communicating regularly with management regarding problems or issues impacting production
  • Evaluating machine resources to ensure continued production and minimal downtime
  • Establishing a balance between increased productivity and reduced costs of manufacturing operations
  • Setting productivity goals for each construction crew
  • Developing workflow policies and procedures that improve efficiency without compromising safety or quality
  • Ensuring adequate scheduling of all construction crews
  • Choose the types of tools to use in the construction and track the inventory of those tools
  • Keep construction crew logs and monitor the conduct of each one
  • Ensure that the construction project complies with all safety and building regulations
  • Establish risk factors, then manage and mitigate them to ensure the construction goes on smoothly
  • Liaise with local authorities to obtain licenses and permits for the project
  • Conduct an in-depth inspection of the project to ensure company standards

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