The Finance Manager is responsible for managing the financial health of the company and advising the company on how to increase profit through prudent financial practices. They monitor and enforce compliance with finance-related laws, procedures, and regulations such as tax filing and financial reporting.

Their duties include the following:

  • Perform financial management duties including generating financial data, compiling, and submitting reports, analyzing industry trends, and assessing the financial health of the company
  • Financial planning to determine how to pay off liabilities and grow the business
  • Reviewing financial documents for tax compliance
  • Oversee the operations and development of the company’s finance department including creating and reviewing policies, budgeting, recruiting, training, and conducting regular assessments of financial procedures
  • Supervise the preparation of quarterly and annual account reconciliations, monitor, and enforce compliance with tax and financial reporting standards and assist with cash flow forecasting
  • Advise colleagues and executive management on decisions related to the company’s finances and collaborate with other departments to achieve monetary goals
  • Supervise the documentation of the company’s financial status and forecasts
  • Mediate between the organization, employees, and investors on financial issues for the amicable resolution of differences
  • Create strategic business plans based on the analysis of the company’s status and financial forecasts

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